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Always in Transit(ion)

Well, hello. It's been a while! This year has certainly been a busy one so far; sometimes that's been a good thing and sometimes bad. With a lot of changes comes a lot of stress and responsibility but also opportunities for new experiences in life and in art. I'm finally able to sit down and write a little update about what's been going on and what's ahead for me.

The big changes that have happened this year were moving to a new home and taking an international trip. Both have been really rewarding but they took so much time and planning, not to mention all of the unforeseen issues that cropped up along the way (and ensuing sleep deprivation). But with the trip behind me now and my new place shaping up more and more with each passing week, I'm feeling the stress leave my shoulders.

It's the heart of summer now, which means high temperatures and less teaching work, but believe me, I am keeping busy! In addition to various hobbies and creative pursuits, I am making my way back into regular music playing. My new place has ample space to practice whatever instrument I want and I've found that having that space ready for me has made it easier to pick up an instrument or sit down and play when I have time. I've even been playing drums again which has been a lot of fun. Many of you know about my struggles with my arms over the past almost-two years. Things are in a good place right now but I don't want to get complacent or push too hard and fall off the bandwagon. Of course this injury in combination with the pandemic has made performances few and far between.

But I'm happy to say that the gears are turning again! I am currently in the planning stages for a site-specific performance at a local pond here in Portland, Oregon, and it's so exciting to be planning something like this again. A few years ago I did a piece that I termed a "performancewalk", like a soundwalk (where you are led on a walk while intentionally absorbing the sounds of your environment) but with the addition of interstitial performances. This time the plan is to have several short vignettes of music and dance at different locations along the path as attendees make their way around the pond's loop trail. I am consulting with my fearless collaborator, incredible dancer Katherine Evans, to put together all the pieces. We have not set a date yet but when we do I will be sure to let you know! The pond and the woods around it are popular with local and migrating birds, case in point:

We've also got some other ideas for the fall, for when the rain inevitably rolls in again. More info about all of these things will be coming down the line. For now, I wish you a happy summer. Until next time!



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