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Summer wrap-up (with video!)

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The temperature outside is dropping and it is somehow October tomorrow, but I have some amazing productions to look back on from this summer. Three productions in three was a lot of work but I am happy and grateful for the way everything turned out.

First we had OLD GROWTH/NEW MONEY/NEW GROWTH/OLD MONEY which took the audience on winding walking tours through a wealthy Portland neighborhood, pausing for performance vignettes at select colossal tree specimens. It ended with Matt, my fearless dancing colleague, moving thoughtfully from high above us.

Then in July, I produced Concept Pieces, a show of conceptual art, where the audience members became participants in the pieces themselves. Sometimes they climbed ladders, sometimes they graffitied a painting, sometimes they filled out a questionnaire they didn't fully understand. Then Matt, Becca and I interpreted five more of my pieces through live performance. Check out some video clips in this YouTube playlist.

Finally, in August I was involved in a very special collaboration with a fabric artist and two dancers, in which a large scale fabric work was read as a "score" and interpreted through sound & movement, resulting in an immersive, evening-length work. We all pushed each other to reach far across the boundaries of our respective disciplines, which was liberating, exciting and challenging. I hope to continue doing multi-faceted, multimedia, multi-everything work like this in the future! You can watch the entire performance of SCORE on YouTube. Although it is hard to capture the feeling of the room in a performance like this, the video serves as a reminder of what we did and how it happened. Watch now:

Thank you for all your support this summer! Stay tuned for more happenings.



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