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New music release!

It's hard to believe that it's been just about four years since my comedic music project under the name of A Pile That is Actually on Fire was released on Bandcamp. Wow. Where has the time gone? Well, truthfully, we have moved through it at the same speed as always, but considering the last two years, it hasn't really felt like that. So to celebrate life and to demonize the acceleration of the adult timeline, I am releasing a new recording from APTIAOF this Friday, December 2, which just so happens to be Bandcamp Friday. (No, I planned it that way.) I used a less-than-perfect AI to help me make the album art. Do you love it?

It is a simple improvised solo session I did back in April of this year, improvising the music as well as the lyrics. Chance, improv and unpredictability has long been an important part of my work, even on the serious side of things, and I believe there is ample room for it on the not-so-serious side of things. (If you haven't heard Bill Wurtz's improv recordings from years ago, I highly recommend it, especially these featuring keys & vocals). The lyrics for this session as well as the original APTIAOF EP are now available on Bandcamp as well, so have yourself a merry little sing-along.

In addition, I'm releasing two videos on YouTube this week. One is a video I made back in 2019 while playing drums at a local studio (a rare thing these days) to one of my favorite songs to drum along to. The other is last year's jazzy Christmas streaming show I performed on clarinet with backing tracks. The sound quality of the backing parts wasn't quite what I wanted it to be, but I still had a good time and I hope that you can enjoy it this holiday season too.

Clarinet video: Christmas Clarinet Show

I hope your chilly season is off to a good start. Stay warm, and as my friend pictured above likes to say, "Keep on burnin'!"

Check out APTIAOF on Bandcamp: APTIAOF



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